World Trade Center (United States of America)

World Trade Centre New York
The world trade center in the United States of America, New York.

World Trade Center

The World Trade Center (WTC), situated in Manhattan, was basically a building complex that housed seven buildings in total. The buildings in the complex were named as 1 WTC, 2 WTC, 3 WTC and so on till 7 WTC.

The twin towers; also known as the North and South towers of the World Trade Center (1 WTC and 2 WTC), were a symbol of technological advancement and achievement. The twin towers opened for business in 1973 and both of them had 110 floors each. The 10 million square feet of space could readily accommodate approximately 50,000 workers and the daily visitors amounted to 200,000! The twin towers were much more than an icon of advancements in America, they signified America’s economic supremacy over most of the other nations. They were the subject of amazement and attraction for tourists and since 1973 they were used to identify New York’s skyline.




Design History

The lead architect, chosen by the Port Authority for this project was Minoru Yamasaki. Originally he wanted the twin towers to have 80 floors each, but to have 10,000,000 square feet of space the number of floors was increased to 110 floors in each of the towers. Such a huge number of floors called for a more efficient, one of a kind system of lifts so that people could get from one floor to the next easily and in less time.


The misfortune suffered by the World Trade Center

As history dictates, the World Trade Center was at the center of many unfortunate incidents since the completion of the buildings. In 1975, a part of the World Trade Center was destroyed by a fire. In February of 1993 this complex was a target of a bombing attack and in 1998 the complex was robbed.


But it suffered the biggest misfortune on 9th September 2001. At 8 46 am on this dreadful day, a Boeing 767 was deliberately flown into the North Tower of the world trade center by terrorists who were associated by Al-Qaeda and had hijacked the plane. As if this assault was not enough to wreak havoc, another plane, under a similar circumstance was flown into the South Tower at 9 03 am. Both of the towers caught fire and after about two hours, both of the towers collapsed. Fire coupled with falling debris caused massive damage to not only the other buildings in the complex but those that surrounded the world trade center. Within a matter of a few hours a place that was once known for its beauty and charisma, was now a sight of distress and hopelessness.

It took more than a decade to clean the location up and now a memorial has been erected to honor the precious lives lost on the ill-fated day of 9th September.

The world trade center, with its many buildings and inhabitants provided the visitors with a huge number of activities such as observation decks on the 107th and 110th floors, restaurants and shopping places.

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