CN Tower Toronto, Canada a unique landmark with an incredible height

CN Tower

CN Tower, Toronto, Canada
CN Tower, Toronto, Canada


CN Tower,Soaring to a height of 550 metres, or around 1800 feet, the CN (Canadian National, named after the railway company that built it) Tower is situated in Ontario, Canada is the 5th tallest building in the world. The idea came up in 1968, during a period of high economic growth in Toronto at the time. It was motivated by a need for a large television and radio communication platform, and to showcase the burgeoning conditions of the area. Architects included WZMH Architects, John Hamilton Andrews, Webb Zerafa, and Menkes Housden.

Construction and Structure

Construction on the site began in 1973, and was wrapped up by 1976 when it was officially launched to the public. Costs amounted to 257 million US dollars. The tower’s record of the world’s tallest freestanding structure was broken in 2007 by the Burj Khalifa. However, it is still the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere to date.

The tower has six elevators, and is almost perfectly vertical. There is only a 1.1 inch discrepancy. The staircase has 1776 steps and is the tallest metal staircase in the world. At the top of the tower is the main reason for the entire structure: the 102 metre tall metal broadcast antenna that is responsible for carrying television and radio signals. The building has seven storeys.

Use of the Tower

The structure is utilised mainly as a communications tower, thanks to the enormous antenna. It is also a tourist spot because of Edgewalk. Launched in 2011, Edgewalk offers the daring lot to walk on and around the roof of the main pod of the tower at a height of 356 metres. Visitor areas encompass:

  • The Glass Floor and Outdoor Observation Terrace
  • The Indoor Lookout Level
  • Skypod: This was not part of the original plan of the structure, and was originally known as the Space Deck.

All three of these areas were used as public observation points during the 1976 opening ceremony of the tower.

Fun facts

  • The tower is a magnet for more than two million people each year.
  • A giant crane was needed to place the antenna at the top of the tower.
  • Lightning strikes the tower around 75 times every year.
  • The observation deck has a restaurant which completes a rotation every 72 minutes. If you’d like a complete view, make sure your dinner lasts that long.
  • The tower has a glass floor (a unique idea then) that can withstand the weight of approximately five hippopotamuses.
  • The American Society of Civil Engineers christened the tower as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.
  • The world’s first flight simulator experience, Tour of the Universe, was launched at the tower in 1986.
  • The CN Tower is also eco-friendly! During migration seasons, it dims the exterior lights to protect birds from harming themselves.
  • It has come out second in the ranking of the World Federation of Great Towers.
  • It takes 58 seconds to take an elevator to the observation deck. What a ride!

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