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Empire State Building

The crown of the Big Apple: the beloved Empire State Building. This skyscraper stands at a marvellous height of 1454 feet (443 metres). It comprises 102 storeys and is located in Manhattan, New York City, on Fifth Avenue. The building is the 29th tallest in the world (the tallest building being the Burj Khalifa in Dubai). It is also the fourth tallest freestanding structure in the United States.


The Construction of New York’s Marvel

Designed by William Lamb from Shreve, Lamb and     Harmon, construction of the building began in 1930. The work required around 3400 workers, five of whom lost their lives during the process. The construction was initiated mainly because of an ongoing contest at the time for the world’s tallest building. 40 Wall Street and Chrysler Building lost the title to this skyscraper in May 1931 when the building was officially launched – it took 410 days to complete. It held this title for 40 years. The opening clashed with the 1930’s Great Depression prevailing in the States at the time.

The project cost around 41 million US dollars, and it was renovated in 2011 for 550 million dollars. Of the 102 floors, 85 are commercial and office space. The 86th floor is home to an indoor and outdoor observatory deck. The décor represents pre-World War Two architectural style; in its first year of operation, the Building wasn’t very popular and the Observatory raked in as much money as the owners earned from rented space. Only when the building was sold to Roger Stevens did it begin to start becoming a profitable investment.

Entertainment at the Empire State Building

However, the Building isn’t just an architectural marvel. It is a source of entertainment for adults and kids alike; at $34 per adult and $28 per child, the rates may seem a little steep, but the elevator ride, the binoculars and the view will make it worth your money! There are also souvenir shops, plus restaurants to enjoy a meal at. The Main Deck is on the 86th floor, and the Top Deck is on the 102nd floor – you can see Central Park clearly from that height.

Some Fun Facts about Empire State Building:

  • The first cleaning of the structure took six months. A team of 30 cleaners was assembled to take on this hard-core task, who worked for 8 hours every day for 30 days straight.
  • The American Society of Civil Engineers dubbed the building the seventh Wonder of the World; this Wonder has attracted 120 million people!
  • To celebrate the release of Microsoft Windows 95 operating system, the building was lit up in 1995 with red, blue, green and yellow lights.
  • The Building has been a go-to for movies like Sleepless in Seattle, An Affair to Remember, and of course, King Kong.
  • Lightning strikes the building around 100 times each year.
  • The launch was made official when President Herbert Hoover pressed the button to turn the lights on all the way in Washington DC.

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