Rockefeller Centre, United States of America, New York

Rockefeller Centre, United States of America, New York.

New York City is a hub of giant structures, and the Rockefeller Centre is another addition to the legacy. Famed for the annual Christmas tree lighting it holds, the complex comprises 19 commercial buildings that cover an area of 22 acres. Located in Midtown Manhattan, the construction of the Centre began in 1930, and was completed a little over three years later in 1933.

The Rockefeller Centre in United States of America, New York

History of Rockefeller Centre

The building is named after John Rockefeller Junior, who obtained the space from Columbia University. Rockefeller was compelled into funding the project from his own pocket after the 1929 stock market collapse. The project cost an estimated 250 million US dollars. Currently, the Centre is an amalgam of two complexes. One encompasses the older 14 Art Deco offices, plus one building built in 1947. The other is a set of four towers built in the 1970’s. The modern architectural style of the Centre is awe-inspiring indeed. It was added to the National Register of Historical Places in 1987, and was designated as a National Historic Landmark during the same year.

Its components!

The Centre includes the GE Building, One Rockefeller Plaza, and Radio City Music Hall. The Christmas tree that is lighted every year in the Centre stands at a stunning 75 to 90 feet tall – the tallest was 100 feet – and the tree is usually a Norway spruce. It is draped with 30000 lights, which require five miles of wire. The star at the top of the tree was designed by a German, Michael Hammers. It is 9.5 feet wide, and weighs around 250 kilograms. This tradition began in 1933. When Christmas is over, the tree is recycled and mulch (three tonnes worth) is donated to American Boy Scouts. A part of the tree is also sent to the United States Equestrian Team.

Entertainment at the Rockefeller Centre

  • The Centre was christened the largest building project of modern times. Apart from the Christmas tree, tourist attractions include the Ice Skating Rink. The rink is open from October to March, and attracts more than 500000 eager skaters each year.
  • The 30 Rockefeller Plaza rises to a height of 850 feet and is lined by 200 flagpoles with flags of United Nations member-countries; a grand sight for any tourist.
  • For the younger hearts amongst us, the Lego Store offers the biggest selection of Lego sets. You can watch Lego Club TV videos here, and learn to build Lego models, play games and take trivia tests.
  • NBC Studios, which produced favourites like Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, also maintains offices in the complex.
  • The Radio City Music Hall is nestled here; with its 6200-seat theatre, it has become the world’s most famous theatre.
  • Famous movies like King Kong and Breakfast at Tiffany’s premiered here, and the stage has entertained the likes of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald.
  • There is an observation deck as well on the 67th and 70th floors of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The deck is great for exalting the sunset, taking an exhilarating elevator ride to, or simply watching the seasons unfold.

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