Abraj Al Bait in Mekkah, Saoedi Arabia is a one of a kind

Abraj al Bait

Abraj al Bait, Mekkah, Saoedi Arabia
Abraj al Bait, Mekkah, Saoedi Arabia


Located in Saudi Arabia, this complex of skyscraper hotels is government-owned. The complex is part of the King Abdulaziz Endowment Project that is devoted towards modernising the city of Makkah. The tallest tower of the lot is the tallest building in all of Saudi and the 2nd tallest building in the world – it is 601 metres high. The central tower, Makkah Royal Clock Tower, has the world’s largest clock face.

Description Abraj Al bait

There are a total of seven skyscrapers in the complex. The main funder and contractor of the project was the Saudi Binladin Group, which is the area’s largest construction company. The clock tower is now the world’s fourth tallest structure, surpassing Taipei 101, but led by Shanghai Tower, the Tokyo Sky Tree, and the Burj Khalifa. This tower was intended to be 734 metres tall, but was scaled down to 601 metres. Construction began in 2007 and was completed in 2012.

There is a five-storey shopping mall in the complex. The buildings are right across the street from an entrance to the Masjid-al-Haram mosque, home of the Kaabah (a sacred monument for Muslims). There is also a five-star hotel for those wishing to splurge a little more.

The main building has a 93 metre spire at the top, which sports a 23 metre high golden crescent. This crescent is made of mosaic gold and weighs 35 tonnes.

Quick Facts about the Abraj al Bait

  • The construction faced much controversy. Muslims claim that it is disrespectfully shadowing their Holy Kaabah, whilst other fanatics rail against it as a sign that the ends of times are near.
  • During construction, there were two fire incidents at the tower. One struck the Hajar Tower in 2008, and the other occurred at Safa Tower in 2009. Thankfully, no deaths or injuries were reported in both incidents.
  • The minaret and its base have colossal loudspeakers that transmit the call to prayer at a distance of over seven kilometres away. To aid the deaf, a 16 beam light illuminates an area of a diameter of 10 kilometres, and 21000 lamps shine green and white lights to a distance of 30 kilometres.
  • The crescent at the top of the main building took five engineers, a hundred workers, 90 million UAE dirhams, and three months to build. Now that’s topping the tower with style!
  • The seven component towers are: Makkah Royal Clock Tower, Hajar, ZamZam, Safa, Marwah, al-Maqam, and Qibla. They are named after locations and people that hold a certain significance in Islam.

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CN Tower Toronto, Canada a unique landmark with an incredible height

CN Tower

CN Tower, Toronto, Canada
CN Tower, Toronto, Canada


CN Tower,Soaring to a height of 550 metres, or around 1800 feet, the CN (Canadian National, named after the railway company that built it) Tower is situated in Ontario, Canada is the 5th tallest building in the world. The idea came up in 1968, during a period of high economic growth in Toronto at the time. It was motivated by a need for a large television and radio communication platform, and to showcase the burgeoning conditions of the area. Architects included WZMH Architects, John Hamilton Andrews, Webb Zerafa, and Menkes Housden.

Construction and Structure

Construction on the site began in 1973, and was wrapped up by 1976 when it was officially launched to the public. Costs amounted to 257 million US dollars. The tower’s record of the world’s tallest freestanding structure was broken in 2007 by the Burj Khalifa. However, it is still the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere to date.

The tower has six elevators, and is almost perfectly vertical. There is only a 1.1 inch discrepancy. The staircase has 1776 steps and is the tallest metal staircase in the world. At the top of the tower is the main reason for the entire structure: the 102 metre tall metal broadcast antenna that is responsible for carrying television and radio signals. The building has seven storeys.

Use of the Tower

The structure is utilised mainly as a communications tower, thanks to the enormous antenna. It is also a tourist spot because of Edgewalk. Launched in 2011, Edgewalk offers the daring lot to walk on and around the roof of the main pod of the tower at a height of 356 metres. Visitor areas encompass:

  • The Glass Floor and Outdoor Observation Terrace
  • The Indoor Lookout Level
  • Skypod: This was not part of the original plan of the structure, and was originally known as the Space Deck.

All three of these areas were used as public observation points during the 1976 opening ceremony of the tower.

Fun facts

  • The tower is a magnet for more than two million people each year.
  • A giant crane was needed to place the antenna at the top of the tower.
  • Lightning strikes the tower around 75 times every year.
  • The observation deck has a restaurant which completes a rotation every 72 minutes. If you’d like a complete view, make sure your dinner lasts that long.
  • The tower has a glass floor (a unique idea then) that can withstand the weight of approximately five hippopotamuses.
  • The American Society of Civil Engineers christened the tower as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.
  • The world’s first flight simulator experience, Tour of the Universe, was launched at the tower in 1986.
  • The CN Tower is also eco-friendly! During migration seasons, it dims the exterior lights to protect birds from harming themselves.
  • It has come out second in the ranking of the World Federation of Great Towers.
  • It takes 58 seconds to take an elevator to the observation deck. What a ride!

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Eiffel Tower in France, Paris

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.


Probably one of the most famous structures in the world, the Eiffel Tower was engineered by Gustave Eiffel, who also designed the Statue of Liberty. Construction began in 1887, and was completed in 1889. It has become an international cultural emblem of France, where it is located in Paris. It is one of the world’s most visited sites, and it is now 127 years old.


The tower is 324 metres tall including its antennas and is known as the 30th tallest tower in the world. It weighs 10,100 tonnes. To get to the top, you have to take 1665 steps, or you could opt for the elevator. It was built for the 1889 World Fair in Paris. It is a wrought iron structure. The structure was criticised to be unstable, but Gustave used graphical methods in determining its strength, and conducted experiments to prove its resistance to wind. The Eiffel tower is lighter at the top and gets darker nearer the base. To prevent it from rusting, 60 tonnes of paint are used every seven years to maintain it. There are several tourist attractions, including an immersion show with a transparent floor, a cultural path, and restaurants and bars. You can also access the office of the brain behind the colossal project. It is composed of 18000 metallic parts, held together by 2.5 million rivets. 20,000 light bulbs keep the tower lit at night. It took 300 workers to complete the Tower.

Quick Facts

  • The World Fair was hosted in 1889 as the 100-year anniversary of the French Revolution, and the Eiffel Tower was exhibited as part of it.
  • It was the tallest structure in the world, until the Chrysler Building in New York City broke its record after 41 years.
  • The lifts in the tower travel a total distance of 103000 kilometres per year, which is two and a half times the Earth’s circumference.
  • Gustave was a leading engineer in a failed attempt to build a canal in Panama. He seems to have made quite a comeback with projects like the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty under his belt.
  • Around 7 million people visit the tower each year, which makes it the most visited, and highly-paid monument of the world.
  • It was intended for the tower to hold ground for 20 years before being disassembled, but the need of a wireless telegraph transmitter necessitated its existence.
  • Wind causes the tower to sway six to seven centimetres.
  • The Eiffel Tower shares nicknames with Margaret Thatcher: ‘The Iron Lady’.
  • Most visitors are either French, Italian or Spanish.
  • A con artist actually managed to sell the tower for scrap metal – not once, but twice.
  • Stunt artists love getting up to their daredevil tactics at the tower. Famous cases include those of Reichelt, who jumped with a parachute, but fell to his death; and aviator Collot who tried flying his plane under the tower but crashed it instead.

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Kingdom Tower in Saoedi Arabia, Jeddah

Kingdom Tower

Currently in construction, the Kingdom Tower in Saoedi Arabia, Jeddah.
Currently in construction, the Kingdom Tower in Saoedi Arabia, Jeddah.



Also known as Jeddah Tower, the soon-to-be tallest building in the world is almost ready to break Burj Khalifa’s record. The height is as yet unknown, but it has been promised that the skyscraper will be the tallest building in the world.


The Kingdom Tower has an estimated cost of 1.23 billion US dollars, the project will make quite a dent in the pocket of the Saudi Arabian government. It is the centrepiece of the development of Jeddah Economic City. It was going to be 1.6 kilometres high, but the height had to be scaled down as the geology of the surrounding area wasn’t conducive to such a magnificent height. Views on the construction of the tower are in the extremes. Some glorify the cultural significance it could behold, whilst others criticise spending on a plausibly loss-incurring project.


The building of the structure for the Kingdom Tower began on the 1st of April, 2013. The piling was completed by December of the same year, and construction above the ground began in September 2014. 42 floors have been built so far, and it is expected to be completed by 2020

The tower will have 59 elevators and 12 escalators. The design is meant to represent Saudi Arabia’s growth and future, depicted by the appearance of a desert plant growing upwards. Architect Adrian Smith, who also designed the Burj Khalifa, is the main brain behind the design. 80000 tonnes of steel are being used for the construction process.

Quick Facts

  • The tower will surpass Burj Khalifa by 173 metres, making it the world’s tallest building.
  • The richest man in the Middle East, Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talal, is leading the project.
  • The temperature at the top of the tower will be half of the temperature at the bottom.
  • The structure will also be home to the world’s highest observatory.
  • Rising to an eye-watering height, the entire view of the tower will not be visible to the naked eye, necessitating the use of birds-eye views and elevations.
  • The narrow design is fashioned to withstand wind and gravity. It is aerodynamic and the taper to the top makes it less space-consuming on higher floors.
  • Five of the elevators shall be double decker. They will not run at normal speeds as doing so will cause nausea. The average speed they will operate at is 35 KPH.
  • The building is energy efficient; low-conductivity glass and a high-performance exterior wall system will minimise energy consumption.
  • Patios along the three sides of the building offer breath-taking views of the Red Sea and Jeddah.
  • There will also be a Sky Terrace that juts 98 feet out, and was actually intended as a helipad.
  • The tower will not only provide residential and office space, but also hotels and restaurants, as well as other tourist attractions.
  • Water may be a problem; it has to be pumped up to the 163 floor tower in different stages to prevent pressure build-up.

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Statue of Liberty, United States of America, New Yrok

Statue of Liberty, United States of America, New York.

The Statue of Liberty in United States of America, New York is a unique Landmark.
The Statue of Liberty in United States of America, New York is a unique Landmark.


The Statue of Liberty monument has been a symbol of freedom since it was gifted to the United States of America by the French in 1886. The statue was designed and built by Frenchmen Bartholdi and Gustave Eiffel. It is located on Liberty Island, in the New York harbour. As a commemoration of the American Declaration of Independence, the sculpted woman holds a tablet inscribed with the date of America’s independence – July 4th, 1776.

Statue of Liberty Details

The sculptor is 305 feet (93 metres) tall, and is an amalgam of copper, cast iron and stainless steel. It weighs 450,000 pounds, and it can be accessed via 354 steps. The official name of the statue is La liberte eclairant le monde, which is French for ‘Liberty Enlightening the World’. It is a neoclassical sculpture, as this neoclassical art was all the rage in England and France at the time. The figure represents Libertas, who is the Roman goddess of freedom. Apart from the tablet, she also bears a torch. She also wears a crown, which has 25 windows. The seven spikes on the crown mirror the seven oceans and continents, which is a tribute to the universal concept of freedom. Lady Liberty stands on broken shackles and chains, with her right foot in the air, to represent taking a step forward.


The building of the sculptor began in 1876. It was built in France, disassembled, shipped to the US, then reassembled there. The torch-bearing arm was built first, followed by the head of the Lady. Funds were hard to come by at the time because of the 1873 financial crisis, but a fundraising drive led by Joseph Pulitzer managed to raise a significant number of donations. The cost of the project amounted to 2.25 million francs, which is around 250,000 US dollars (over ten million dollars today). When it was first erected, the statue was the iron structure ever built.

Quick Facts

  • The man who designed the statue also designed the Eiffel Tower.
  • Around 4 million people visit the monument each year.
  • Lady Liberty was seen as the symbol of immigrants in the late 19th
  • David Copperfield performed an illusionary trick which made the statue disappear in 1983.
  • Before being officially launched in the US, the head of the statue was put on display in Paris’s World Fair in 1878.
  • 600 bolts of lightning hit the statue every year.
  • The island which hosts the statue was called Bedloe Island, but was redubbed Liberty Island in 1956 in the Lady’s honour.
  • There are over a hundred replicas of the statue, including one in Las Vegas strip in Nevada and a smaller version in Paris.
  • The statue turned 130 years old this October 2016.
  • The sculptor comprises three parts: the foundation, the pedestal and the statue itself.
  • The face of the Lady is modelled on the designer’s mother, Charlotte Bartholdi.
  • The Lady has been featured in movies like Planet of the Apes and Independence Day.

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Tokyo Skytree in Sumida, Tokio, Japan

Tokyo Skytree

The world’s highest stand-alone communication and broadcasting tower, The Tokyo Skytree is located in the capital of the land of The Rising Sun. It boasts a height of 634 meters and is the 2nd tallest building in the world currently. It functions as a site for primary television and radio broadcast to the Kanto region.

Tokyo skytree sumida Japan Tokio
Tokyo skytree sumida Japan Tokio

The Awe- Inspiring Design of the Tower

It has a total of 35 floors (32 above ground and 3 below ground). Its marvelous structure was designed by a well-known Japanese architectural firm Nikken Sekkei Ltd. which is also known for the redesigning of the famous Camp Nou a football stadium in Barcelona, Spain.

Overall the design has 3 main features:

  • Fusion of both modern and traditional Japanese views. The appeal of the Tokyo Skytree lies in the fact that its modernity does not come in the way of traditional beauty. It has a touch of traditional Japanese architectural techniques.
  • Adding spark to the city’s skyline. It makes Japan’s skyline distinguishable.
  • Earthquake Resistant. This ensures continuous investment and occupancy of the building.

The base is shaped like a tripod. After approximately 350 m the structure turns cylindrical, this offers a tremendous panoramic view of the city.

Types of Entertainment at Tokyo Skytree

A large shopping complex and an aquarium is located at its base but its main attraction are the two observation decks located at heights of 350m and 450m respectively making them the highest observation decks in Japan. The lower observatory can easily accommodate up to 2000 people while the upper observatory deck can easily accommodate up to 900 people. Both the observation decks offer superb views of Tokyo. The first deck known as Tembo Deck comprises of 3 floors each offering different attractions to the tourists. Above the Tembo Deck lies the Tembo gallery which is the highest point (450m) in the tower.

For those who dare: Visitors can enjoy a spiral skywalk made completely from glass on the upper observatory deck. They can use the skywalk, to climb up the last 5 meters to reach the Tembo gallery.

How the massive tower resist earthquakes

Japan is prone to earth quakes; this is precisely why this marvel of a building was kept earthquake resistant. To shield it from seismic activities of even the most violent nature, the building has a shaft, positioned in the center composed of reinforced concrete. The focal pillar is conjoined with the structure of the tower from the ground till 410 feet. From that point until 1230 feet the same pillar is conjoined with the frame of the tower using oil dampers. In addition to these dampers a mass damper is also used which helps to keep the buildings structures stable by lowering its center of gravity by repositioning itself. These dampers, dampen the effect of the earthquake by absorbing at least 50% of the earth quakes energy.

Before the construction of Burj Khalifa, it was known to the tallest structure erected by man, but now that honor belongs to the Burj Khalifa with its impressive height of 829.8 m.

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World Trade Center (United States of America)

World Trade Centre New York
The world trade center in the United States of America, New York.

World Trade Center

The World Trade Center (WTC), situated in Manhattan, was basically a building complex that housed seven buildings in total. The buildings in the complex were named as 1 WTC, 2 WTC, 3 WTC and so on till 7 WTC.

The twin towers; also known as the North and South towers of the World Trade Center (1 WTC and 2 WTC), were a symbol of technological advancement and achievement. The twin towers opened for business in 1973 and both of them had 110 floors each. The 10 million square feet of space could readily accommodate approximately 50,000 workers and the daily visitors amounted to 200,000! The twin towers were much more than an icon of advancements in America, they signified America’s economic supremacy over most of the other nations. They were the subject of amazement and attraction for tourists and since 1973 they were used to identify New York’s skyline.




Design History

The lead architect, chosen by the Port Authority for this project was Minoru Yamasaki. Originally he wanted the twin towers to have 80 floors each, but to have 10,000,000 square feet of space the number of floors was increased to 110 floors in each of the towers. Such a huge number of floors called for a more efficient, one of a kind system of lifts so that people could get from one floor to the next easily and in less time.


The misfortune suffered by the World Trade Center

As history dictates, the World Trade Center was at the center of many unfortunate incidents since the completion of the buildings. In 1975, a part of the World Trade Center was destroyed by a fire. In February of 1993 this complex was a target of a bombing attack and in 1998 the complex was robbed.


But it suffered the biggest misfortune on 9th September 2001. At 8 46 am on this dreadful day, a Boeing 767 was deliberately flown into the North Tower of the world trade center by terrorists who were associated by Al-Qaeda and had hijacked the plane. As if this assault was not enough to wreak havoc, another plane, under a similar circumstance was flown into the South Tower at 9 03 am. Both of the towers caught fire and after about two hours, both of the towers collapsed. Fire coupled with falling debris caused massive damage to not only the other buildings in the complex but those that surrounded the world trade center. Within a matter of a few hours a place that was once known for its beauty and charisma, was now a sight of distress and hopelessness.

It took more than a decade to clean the location up and now a memorial has been erected to honor the precious lives lost on the ill-fated day of 9th September.

The world trade center, with its many buildings and inhabitants provided the visitors with a huge number of activities such as observation decks on the 107th and 110th floors, restaurants and shopping places.

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Empire state building, United States of America, New York.

Empire State Building

The crown of the Big Apple: the beloved Empire State Building. This skyscraper stands at a marvellous height of 1454 feet (443 metres). It comprises 102 storeys and is located in Manhattan, New York City, on Fifth Avenue. The building is the 29th tallest in the world (the tallest building being the Burj Khalifa in Dubai). It is also the fourth tallest freestanding structure in the United States.


The Construction of New York’s Marvel

Designed by William Lamb from Shreve, Lamb and     Harmon, construction of the building began in 1930. The work required around 3400 workers, five of whom lost their lives during the process. The construction was initiated mainly because of an ongoing contest at the time for the world’s tallest building. 40 Wall Street and Chrysler Building lost the title to this skyscraper in May 1931 when the building was officially launched – it took 410 days to complete. It held this title for 40 years. The opening clashed with the 1930’s Great Depression prevailing in the States at the time.

The project cost around 41 million US dollars, and it was renovated in 2011 for 550 million dollars. Of the 102 floors, 85 are commercial and office space. The 86th floor is home to an indoor and outdoor observatory deck. The décor represents pre-World War Two architectural style; in its first year of operation, the Building wasn’t very popular and the Observatory raked in as much money as the owners earned from rented space. Only when the building was sold to Roger Stevens did it begin to start becoming a profitable investment.

Entertainment at the Empire State Building

However, the Building isn’t just an architectural marvel. It is a source of entertainment for adults and kids alike; at $34 per adult and $28 per child, the rates may seem a little steep, but the elevator ride, the binoculars and the view will make it worth your money! There are also souvenir shops, plus restaurants to enjoy a meal at. The Main Deck is on the 86th floor, and the Top Deck is on the 102nd floor – you can see Central Park clearly from that height.

Some Fun Facts about Empire State Building:

  • The first cleaning of the structure took six months. A team of 30 cleaners was assembled to take on this hard-core task, who worked for 8 hours every day for 30 days straight.
  • The American Society of Civil Engineers dubbed the building the seventh Wonder of the World; this Wonder has attracted 120 million people!
  • To celebrate the release of Microsoft Windows 95 operating system, the building was lit up in 1995 with red, blue, green and yellow lights.
  • The Building has been a go-to for movies like Sleepless in Seattle, An Affair to Remember, and of course, King Kong.
  • Lightning strikes the building around 100 times each year.
  • The launch was made official when President Herbert Hoover pressed the button to turn the lights on all the way in Washington DC.

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Rockefeller Centre, United States of America, New York

Rockefeller Centre, United States of America, New York.

New York City is a hub of giant structures, and the Rockefeller Centre is another addition to the legacy. Famed for the annual Christmas tree lighting it holds, the complex comprises 19 commercial buildings that cover an area of 22 acres. Located in Midtown Manhattan, the construction of the Centre began in 1930, and was completed a little over three years later in 1933.

The Rockefeller Centre in United States of America, New York

History of Rockefeller Centre

The building is named after John Rockefeller Junior, who obtained the space from Columbia University. Rockefeller was compelled into funding the project from his own pocket after the 1929 stock market collapse. The project cost an estimated 250 million US dollars. Currently, the Centre is an amalgam of two complexes. One encompasses the older 14 Art Deco offices, plus one building built in 1947. The other is a set of four towers built in the 1970’s. The modern architectural style of the Centre is awe-inspiring indeed. It was added to the National Register of Historical Places in 1987, and was designated as a National Historic Landmark during the same year.

Its components!

The Centre includes the GE Building, One Rockefeller Plaza, and Radio City Music Hall. The Christmas tree that is lighted every year in the Centre stands at a stunning 75 to 90 feet tall – the tallest was 100 feet – and the tree is usually a Norway spruce. It is draped with 30000 lights, which require five miles of wire. The star at the top of the tree was designed by a German, Michael Hammers. It is 9.5 feet wide, and weighs around 250 kilograms. This tradition began in 1933. When Christmas is over, the tree is recycled and mulch (three tonnes worth) is donated to American Boy Scouts. A part of the tree is also sent to the United States Equestrian Team.

Entertainment at the Rockefeller Centre

  • The Centre was christened the largest building project of modern times. Apart from the Christmas tree, tourist attractions include the Ice Skating Rink. The rink is open from October to March, and attracts more than 500000 eager skaters each year.
  • The 30 Rockefeller Plaza rises to a height of 850 feet and is lined by 200 flagpoles with flags of United Nations member-countries; a grand sight for any tourist.
  • For the younger hearts amongst us, the Lego Store offers the biggest selection of Lego sets. You can watch Lego Club TV videos here, and learn to build Lego models, play games and take trivia tests.
  • NBC Studios, which produced favourites like Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, also maintains offices in the complex.
  • The Radio City Music Hall is nestled here; with its 6200-seat theatre, it has become the world’s most famous theatre.
  • Famous movies like King Kong and Breakfast at Tiffany’s premiered here, and the stage has entertained the likes of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald.
  • There is an observation deck as well on the 67th and 70th floors of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The deck is great for exalting the sunset, taking an exhilarating elevator ride to, or simply watching the seasons unfold.

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Burj Al Arab the fourth tallest hotel in the world

Burj al Arab


Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world: the Burj Khalifa. But that’s not the end of its legacy: it also houses the world’s fourth tallest hotel, the Burj Al Arab. At 320 metres, the most striking feature of the resort is that it is on an artificial island 280 metres from Jumeirah Beach. It connects to the mainland via a private curving bridge. The unique structure of the building resembles the sail of a ship, and it is a sight for sore eyes.

The Burj Al Arab the fourth tallest hotel in the world
The Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab History

Construction was initiated in 1994, and the building was designed by Atkins’ architect Tom Wright. It was built by Murray and Roberts, a South African construction contractor. The building itself was a challenge to construct.

130 feet of concrete piles were required to be driven into the sand to form a secure foundation. The cost amounted to 650 million US dollars. The building accommodates 202 bedroom suites in 28 double-storey floors; at 24000 US dollars per night, the Royal Suite is ranked number 12 on the list of the world’s 15 most expensive hotel suites. The Burj al Arab has also been dubbed the world’s most luxurious hotel, though critics claim that the leopard upholstery, silk wallpaper and gold leaf snacks may not appeal to everyone. It is also sometimes classified as the only seven-star resort in the world.

To complete the daunting task of the construction of Burj Arab, 250 designers were hired. 70000 cubic metres of concrete was used, and 3500 workmen were employed to work on the site. Moe than 3000 companies and contractors contributed to the funding of the project. The process took five years.

Some interesting facts about the Burj Arab include:

  • One person alone would take 8000 years to build the Burj.
  • To keep the building bright, 28000 light fixtures are needed.
  • Burj Arab is the tallest all-suite hotel in the world.
  • The resort has three gigantic aquariums; 50 species of fish are currently residents in these glass homes.
  • There are sixty reception desks on each floor in the Burj al Arab.
  • As if the exterior weren’t intimidating enough, the interiors are embellished with 24 carat gold leaf, 29000 Swarovski crystals, Brazilian and Italian marble, 43446 square metres of glass, and Dubai Wood.
  • Attempting to reach the 27th floor means facing 1080 steps. Talk about a workout!
  • The restaurants use 10 tonnes of chocolate each year.
  • If the Rolls Royce cars aren’t royal enough for you, you can always access the hotel by helicopter. The helipad is 210 metres above ground and is 24 metres wide.
  • The Al Mahara Restaurant offers a three-minute submarine ride from the hotel lobby to the restaurant entrance. Now that is a grand entrance.
  • If you want to stay in the hotel, you have to adhere to the dress code there. You aren’t allowed to wear shorts or trainers, so keep it formal.
  • The atrium rises 590 feet above the lobby and takes up a third of the hotel space.

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